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    How to report your information online for COVID-19 control?

    From: Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government | Updated: 2020-03-06

    To pool all the efforts in the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) and to implement the requirements of Measures to Build and Improve A Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism in Residential Communitiesissued by Shenzhen Headquarters for Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic, all residents and visitors shall report and be verified before entering and exiting residential areas and urban villages in Shenzhen.
    How to report and be verified to enter and exit a residential area?
    I. Applicability
    *Residentsof all types of residential areas and urban villages (hereinafter referred to as residences) shall enter or exit only by showing an e-pass (a QR code) on the phone or a pass card.
    *Visitors and their vehicles are not allowed to enter the residences. When necessary and with the consent of the residents, they shall enter with a verification code specified by the rules.
    *No visitorsor their vehicles are allowed intoor out of residences with confirmed cases.
    II. Types of passes
    *Enter and exit with an e-pass (a QR code) on the phone. All residents can search for “Shen i U”(深i您) mini-program in WeChat and usethe“voluntary-reporting” page or WeChat official account“iShenzhen”(i深圳)on other platforms to voluntarily report yourpersonal information so as to receive a QR code to enter and exit a residence.
    *Enter and exit with a pass card. The elderly, children and other residents who are not familiar with online reporting or do not have a smartphone can report your information at the property management center of your residence or the community work stationand obtain a pass card, with which you can enter and exit your residence.
    III. Application procedures
    *Online reporting
    1. Choose a platform. Residents can choose from the following platforms to report your information.
    (1) Report on WeChat mini-program “Shen i U”(深i您)
    (2) Report on WeChat official account “i Shenzhen”(i深圳)
    (3) Report on app “i Shenzhen”(i深圳)
    2. Fill in your information. When the reporting page is loaded, sign up and log in, and then click “voluntary reporting”. Fill in your information, and click “submit”.
    3. System verification. After reporting, if the system shows you don’t have to undergo home quarantine, collective quarantine or treatment at a hospital, you will be assigned a QR code by the system. You can click “Me” and then “My reporting” to find the QR code, with which you can enter or exit your residence.
    *Offline Reporting
    The elderly, children, and those who do not know how to report online or do not have gadgets such as smartphones can reportofflineand apply for pass cards. Residents living in residences with property services shall report to the property management.Those without such services shall report to community workstations. (Note: You can download Form for Voluntary Reporting by clicking "Read More" at the end of the article)
    1. Bulletin Boards. Property management or community workstations may informin advanceof the specific methods, time, and place for collecting or downloading the form, filling out and submitting the form as well as receiving pass cards, etc.
    1. 小区公告。由物业服务企业或社区工作站提前公告领取或下载申报表、填写表格、递交表格以及领取人员通行证的具体方式、时间、地点即相关要求等。
    2. Fill in the form. The form can be filled out by relatives or community staffs. The resident should also attacha photo of his/her together with the form.
    3. Issue pass cards. Apart from voluntaryreporting, community workstations or property management may carry out necessary reviewbased on information obtained while offering daily services. Pass cards will be issuedto those who are not subject to self-quarantine, collective quarantine or medical treatment.
    Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government
    February 10, 2020
    Click “Form for Voluntary Reporting” to download the attachment:

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